My top 8 values and beliefs – a message to my children and anyone looking for direction in business (and life).

My top 8 values and beliefs – a message to my children and anyone looking for direction in business (and life).

This is a letter to my two beautiful daughters.

Growing up I had very little leadership and direction on how to achieve success. I had one or two role models after school, however, there were few who gave some golden nuggets early on to help me achieve success on a personal and business level. Throughout my years of working, life experiences and the ups and downs that we all go through, I truly believe that I am destined for greater things; that I will make an impact on the world even if it is in a small way and that I have and still can make a difference to people. Most importantly I will never give up on my journey for greatness!

Looking back I have narrowed down what I think are the most important things that have got me to this point in my life, but at 44 years old, I am still refining them! These values and beliefs are by no means the holy grail to success but if I had known these traits earlier on in life, perhaps I would have arrived at this point a lot sooner.

So, these are my golden nuggets for my children and anyone else out there trying to start a business, build confidence, or optimize your growth in an era of immense competition, massive change and vast disruption. I believe if you adopt these principles early on in life you will future proof your success, overcome failure and anything else that life throws your way.

These are in no particular order as they fall into their natural order depending on who you are and where you are in your life.

  1.  Clarity
  2. Super Learner
  3. Belief
  4. Embrace Technology
  5. Confidence
  6. Resilience
  7. Hard work &
  8. Patience


I can not stress enough the importance of gaining clarity – as early on in life as possible – on what your goals are and how you want to achieve them. These goals will change / adapt and be refined. But when you know what you want and you have conviction – you will achieve it! The earlier you start to practice this, so it will become easier in life to set goals, and achieve them. That being said, setting random or unspecific goals – where you do not have crystal clarity on what these goals are and how you will achieve them– will get you nowhere and will actually be destructive. SPEND THE TIME getting clarity.
Once they are clear, spend time actioning them with relentless focus and effort.As I said previously, we will need to refine our goals. Nowadays technology and the business environment are changing so fast that we need to adapt quickly. Keeping crystal clear on where we going is critical to how we survive and our ability to adapt and refine our goals to this dynamic world we live in.

Super Learner

I don’t believe in the archaic education system and being labeled that you are dyslexic, suffer from auditory processing issues or any kind of physical / learning disability … While you may suffer a learning disability – it can be fixed and it does not mean you are stupid, incapable and worthless! You may not be brilliant at sport but you are capable of moving and keeping fit. No “disability” or “inability to perform on a certain level” should be seen as a failure, in fact I think this glitch should make you resilient and more prepared for the challenges you will face in life – if you are prepared to work on it.

Many of you who read this, will have already finished school and may or may not have been labeled. Regardless your learning is NEVER over. Figure out how you learn, keep working on your weaknesses to improve them and most importantly put everything into driving your strengths home. Read a lot and become a super learner in your own way. You will be surprised how capable you are, what you can learn and how powerful your unique abilities are.

Work on your masterpiece, be the master of your own body and mind. Create your dreams and be the architect of your own life.

Continued in Blog Part 2…

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