My top 8 values and beliefs – a message to my children and anyone looking for direction in business (and life). Part 2

My top 8 values and beliefs – a message to my children and anyone looking for direction in business (and life). Part 2


Without belief in yourself or your business; you are destined to fail and ultimately you will get into a cycle of fear and disappointment. Believe in your goals, yourself and stick with it relentlessly. Do not let anybody derail you, it’s not their goal – It’s only Yours!
Only you can achieve your goals and nothing is more powerful than your belief in yourself. It’s always great to have the support of your family and your friends and their belief in you but to achieve your goals you need to believe, action, review your progress/results. Learn to derail any parasites at the belief stage, this is critical to your success!

Embrace Technology

You don’t have to be an expert, if you are or this comes easy to you great! But if not, just focus on understanding key trends, learning as much as you can. Become more efficient and enable your life appropriately. Learn all the time.Things are moving so fast that we must keep abreast of change. This will ensure that you are being efficient at the very least.


This is the number one metric for myself; I believe that we need to strive to keep our confidence up at all times. Belief in yourself goes a long way on building your confidence. Tell yourself that you are great and worthy and deserve the best.It’s not a coincidence that the worlds leading motivational speakers, business people, bloggers and vloggers etc. are all super confident. Its doesn’t matter what your field,Work at this everyday! Confidence is everything – do not let failure derail you…


This follows on from my last point. Do not let failure derail you. You have to learn very early on, that failing is part of your learning journey and growth path. If you were to get everything that you wanted without working for it, you would not get very far when one of life’s many obstacles come your way. To learn, grow and succeed; you need to fail and you need to fail a lot. Learn from your mistakes / fears and failures, pick yourself up and improve.

Hard work

Once you are clear on what you set out to do or what you want to achieve (but even if you are not clear), always do your best. Everyone likes a hard worker and a good work ethic will open doors / opportunities for you.

There is no replacement for hard work!

Make every day your masterpiece!


Learn when to take the foot off the gas and that with all of the above, these things will happen over time! There is no such thing as luck nor success happening overnight. Focus on the long game, go for the singles and the 6’s will come. Remember the story of the Hare and the Tortoise – BE PATIENT, never give up and you will get there.
Remember sometimes you will have to take a step back to get ten steps forward and try to learn not to be when the time is right! 
So this is my wisdom that I impart to you. Some of the above values and beliefs came naturally to me but some I had to work on and I am still working very hard on. Do the same!
For others maybe all of the above have come naturally, even so keep improving!
Feel free to reach out regardless as I would love to hear from you.

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