Capital Raising Made Simple

In partnership with Geddes Capital

Geddes Capital works with  SME’s  to structure creative finance solutions for credible businesses very quickly.

Our mandate is to fund businesses of any size with loan requirements in the range of ZAR 500k-5m ,

  • we are sector agnostic (but does get screened with regard to existing portfolio), 
  • its important that the business can service the monthly interest,
  • we can consider a wide variety of security for the transaction,
  • it’s important to get to know the key individuals involved in the business
  • there must be a clear event that will enable the business to return the final bullet payment.

Our turnaround time can be less than five days but typically settle within 10. Our full-time analysts along with ourselves screen more than five companies a week of which on average 1 qualifies for a deeper due diligence dive and company visit. We act quickly and prefer to partner with our business over time and hence we don’t like to mess anyone around re timing or delaying or bargaining etc etc. We take security in a wide variety of ways, including invoices, share portfolios and personal property, do not like having more than 15% of our loan book exposed to one client and prefer not to have more than 20% exposure in one sector.